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June 23, 2017

Illinois Bishop Bans Holy Communion to Active Gay Couples
Bp. Thomas Paprocki is standing firm in defense of marriage. FULL STORY

Brooklyn Diocese Opens Compensation Fund for Sex Abuse Victims
Modeled after NY archdiocese's program. FULL STORY

Mexico Deadliest Place on Earth for Catholic Priests
61 attacks on clergy over past 26 years. FULL STORY

Catholics for Choice Run Ad Attacking Bishops
Insist Church leaders should promote contraception, abortion. FULL STORY

NM Man Arrested for Stealing Tabernacle With Sacred Host
Ian Chang is now behind bars. FULL STORY

June 22, 2017

Dutch Euthanasia Pioneer Disturbed by Kill Rates
Boudewijn Chabot says dementia patients are often wrongfully killed. FULL STORY

Terror Attack at Flint Bishop Airport
Amor Fhouti stabbed a police officer in the neck while yelling "Allahu Akbar." FULL STORY

California's Assisted Suicide Law Being Challenged
Lawsuit claims the law is dangerous and coerces the sick to commit suicide. FULL STORY

Undercover Videos Show New Mexico Doctors Willing to Kill Late-Term Babies
Procedure involves ripping limbs off of babies in the womb and still alive. FULL STORY

California Offers $20-Million Lifeline to Abortion Mills
Taxpayer-funded grant program offering $250,000 to each facility if Obamacare is repealed. FULL STORY


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