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February 21, 2018

Pope Implicated in Financial Scandal?
Pope requested $25 million grant for hospital tainted with corruption. FULL STORY

Sodomy Supporters Hijack World Meeting of Families
Promo video highlights lives of gay Catholics. FULL STORY

Vatican Priest Wants to Quash Criticism 
Fr. Antonio Spadaro retweeted a call to place EWTN under interdict. FULL STORY 

Church's Former Doctrine Chief Rejects 'Paradigm Shift'
Cdl. Gerhard Müller contradicts Vatican Secretary of State on new pastoral mission of Church.  FULL STORY

Oxfam Loses 7,000 Donors in Wake of Sex Abuse Scandal
Chief Executive addresses Parliament to apologize again. FULL STORY

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February 20, 2018

Vatican Judge Resigns Over Child Porn Scandal
Vatican spokesman confirms Msgr. Pietro Amenta stepped down "a few days ago." FULL STORY

Rumors Swirl That Supreme Court Justice Kennedy to Retire
His vacancy would lead to titanic battle over replacement. FULL STORY

Catholics Rejoice Over Cdl. Mahony Cancellation 
LA cardinal cancels appearance at Scranto, PA anniversary Mass. FULL STORY 

Canadian Bishop: Catholics Treated Like Second-Class Citizens
Abp. Christian Lépine warns of government persecution under Catholic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  FULL STORY

Hungary Warns Against Islamization
Prime Minister Viktor Orban claims Christianity is last defense against barbarism. FULL STORY

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