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August 18, 2017

Trump Abolishing Contraception Mandate
Reversing controversial Obamacare rule forcing contraception coverage of employees. FULL STORY

Marie Stopes Botches 400 Abortions in Three Months
Critics denounce media silence, protection of abortionists' reputations over women's safety. FULL STORY

Russian Bishops Honor Memory of Catholic Martyrs to Communism
100th anniversary of 1917 October Revolution. FULL STORY

Cuban Catholics Still Suffering Under Communist Regime
50 Catholic women arrested Sunday on way to Mass. FULL STORY

Pro-Aborts Equate Pro-Lifers With White Supremacists
NARAL pro-choice America uses latest Neo-Nazi rally to promote abortion agenda.  FULL STORY

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August 17, 2017

Cardinal Rouses Catholics to Fight Against Modern Errors
Cdl. Robert Sarah says devotion to Rosary and Sacred Heart of Jesus key to winning. FULL STORY

Trump Defending Catholic Staffer
Says Steve Bannon is a "good man" who is unfairly treated by the media. FULL STORY

Federal Court Allowing Arkansas to Defund PP
Circuit courts split on ruling and issue could be brought to Supreme Court. FULL STORY

Catholic Churches See Uptick in Sacrilegious Attacks 
Police are refusing to call them hate crimes.   FULL STORY

Irish Priest Blasting Bishop for Refusing Women Deacons
Fr. Roy Donovan supporting women priests and is backed by Ireland's Association of Priests.  FULL STORY

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