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October 17, 2017

California Gov Vetoes Bill Attacking Religous Freedom
Jerry Brown vetoed bill after 54-day Rosary novena by Resistance group. FULL STORY

Senate Leader Doubles Down in Response to Bannon Challenge
Mitch McConnell confirms strategy to back only realistic candidates. FULL STORY

Clinton Foundation Won't Return Harvey Weinstein's Money
Claims the money has already gone to women and girls in developing nations. FULL STORY

Irish Pro-Life Student Leader Targeted for Impeachment
Accused of "undemocratic" behavior by campus abortion activists. FULL STORY

Planned Parenthood Protest at Michigan's Capitol
Pro-life groups protesting abortion giant's Day of Action.  FULL STORY COMING SOON

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October 16, 2017

Conservative Catholic Elected as Europe's Youngest Leader
Sebastian Kurz has promised to put Austria first. FULL STORY COMING SOON

Hillary Clinton Jeered in Wales
Brexit leader Nigel Farage says she isn't relevant. FULL STORY

New Research Confirms Contraception and Abortion Link
Data shows women cannot control fertility with birth control alone. FULL STORY

Transgender Expert Vilified for Sex-Change Regret Study
James Caspian fighting in court after university denied politically incorrect study. FULL STORY COMING SOON

African Schoolgirls Given Abortion Pills
Marie Stopes workers distributed abortifacients without parental consent.  FULL STORY 

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